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Oil Magnet Filter Bags

Universal Filters, Inc. manufactures a complete line of Oil Magnet Filter Bags to remove oil contamination from liquid streams. The bags are effective in water, inks, paints (including E-Coat systems), and other process fluids. All Oil Magnet filter bags are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit common industry filter bag housings. Custom size Oil Magnet Filter Bags can be manufactured.

OS-XL Series

The OS-XL ”Extended Life” Series Oil Magnet Filter Bags are designed for bulk removal of visible oil while maintaining high flow rates and long filter life.

The OS-XL series is available in micron ratings from 100 to 400.
Excellent for removal of oil from waste water and coolant systems.

OS-16 Series

The OS-16 “Standard” Oil Magnet Filter Bags are designed for efficient removal of various oils AND particulate from process solutions.

The OS-16 series is available in micron ratings from 1 to 100. Excellent for systems that must remain consistently oil-free (including E-Coat systems).

OS-32 Series

The OS-32 “Heavy Duty” Oil Magnet Filter Bags are designed to remove stubborn trace amounts of oils that other filter bags or cartridges pass.

The OS-32 series is available in micron ratings from 1 to 50.
Approaches total oil removal.
Use to polish fluids that must be totally oil free.

OSI Series Insert

The OSI Series Oil Magnet Insert is inserted inside another filter bag to adsorb oils in the stream. The inserts float in water and can also be used to adsorb surface oils. OSI Inserts have a minimal effect on pressure drop.

OSI inserts can be used inside ANY standard filter bag or basket to increase oil capacity.

Technical Data

Standard Oil Magnet Filter Bags: Available Micron Ratings
OSIInserts work through absorption and are not micron rated.

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